About Us

WIDER is a simple, elegant new social platform to connect with people all over the world, and those closest to you. Share and explore your everyday thoughts, the latest breaking info and news, or inspired ideas. In a great, wide world, go WIDER.


Shankar Jayapal Co-Founder

Shankar is a Computer Graphics Engineer who has been living and working in Japan for over a decade. Before Wider, he successfully managed his own creative design firm, where he worked with high-profile multinational companies. He is a firm believer that smart, creative design can solve any complex problem.

Nguyen Duy Linh Co-Founder

Having more than 8 years being a Bridge System Engineer and over a decade directly working with foreign customers, Linh is a strategic developer with a strong passion in building software products that benefits users to the utmost. He has a lot of experience in leading and managing diverse teams towards a variety of projects from small to big, simple to complicated.

Vo Viet Khanh Co-Founder

Being a resourceful System Developer, Khanh is not only capable of developing high quality products but also has many valuable ideas to improve user experience. With his motto "if anyone can do it, so can we." he is eagerly taking responsibility for solving the most complex problems.